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Klee Irwin

Hi, I'm Klee Irwin.

Klee Irwin is a researcher, scientist and philanthropist from Southern California. He is the the founder of Los Angeles based Irwin Naturals, a large player in the natural products industry. In 2008, he helped fund the launch of Singularity University, headquartered at NASA Research Park, Moffett Field. In 2012 he joined the Board of Directors of Scanadu Corp. and invested in the endeavors of Moon Express. Klee is a passionate sponsor and supporter of many social and eco-conscious projects such as Dancing Rabbit ecovillage; Women on the land, Creating a conscious community; The microlending film project, helping women help themseves; and many others. 
Since 2009, Klee has been deeply involved in theoretical physics, heading a private research group focused on a novel quantum gravity theory, which may have applications for clean energy solutions. His passion is to discover this theory and, by doing so, help create a more fun and harmonious future for our children, both young and old.

Klee Irwin's Background

Klee Irwin's Interests & Activities

As Director of Quantum Gravity Research, my purpose is to aid in the approaching awakening of our species that will occur as we discover the structure and dynamics of the fabric of reality at the smallest scale. This mystery has eluded scientists for decades. Its discovery may require an outside-the-box approach from scientists not fully steeped in the status quo views and dogma of the temporary placeholder physics models. Because of the quantum enigma that shows a deep relationship between consciousness and the manifestation of physical reality, this discovery will result in a startling and exciting realization of who we are and what this place actually is. And it will result in more harmonious and enlightened relationships between humans and between our species and the rest of our biosphere and planet. Other companies and projects I am involved in are Irwin Naturals, Scanadu, Singulaity University, Moon Express and some smaller projects I have sponsored. For a full list see

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